Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sad Day :[

I hate to have my third post on my little blog be whiney, but I just got a call from my boss and she isn't gonna need me next semester :[ I am so sad I can't even stand it. Not necessarily because I will be jobless come January, but rather because I adore her two little with my whole heart. One is two and one just turned five (the day I turned 20!). The two year old is named Robbie and is the sweetest little boy in the whole world. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing that tottling little smiling face running towards me. And as for Wyland, the five year old, we have had some differences but he is such a mess I can't help but adore him. Ugh, guess I'll be looking for a new job.
Oh well, onto some happier news and updates. My birthday was a week ago and I am now a 20-something! Wo, no longer a teenager. I'm old. Also, my last real day of class is Tuesday! Then thanksgiving break, then I come back for one day of class! I'm so excited I can't stand it y'all. Okay, well off to Mexican with big and gbiggy! Excuse the whining.

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